Thursday, October 23, 2008

Punk fashion

Current factions of the punk subculture have different clothing habits, although there's often crossover between the different subgroups in terms of style.

  • Black and While , these two monochromatic colours domintes in Punk which presents the Rbellion, Mssy, Transgressio, violence etc. Black is the predominant shade.

  • Bright , high hue and value colours are also inevitable in the Punk Fashion, such as red, blue, green, pink or orange are typically dyed to hair and arranged into a mohawk or liberty spikes.

However, there is more than less difference between various styles of Punk Culture.

  • Hardcore Punk
Mute colors and minimal adornment are usually common
Cargo or military shorts, khakis or cargo pants
  • Pop punk
Popular patterns include checkers and arms
Back, platinum blonde

New Wave fashions
  • A conscious reaction to the hippie styles of the 1960s
    Another aspect was a desire to embrace contemporary synthetic materials as a protest and celebration of plastic .

  • This involved the use of spandex, bright colors (such as fluorescents), and mass-produced, tawdry jewelry and ornaments.

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